How to Compose a Musical Piece

Anyone that wants to become a composer can simply become one. It will, however, take the right mindset to become one. You can never be taught how exactly to compose a music. There is also no special genius feature to compose music. To become good you will need to work really hard on it. The great musical composers have tried in so many avenues. They have also used so many techniques and formulas as well as schemes. It has however taken a lot of courage and confidence to ensure that you have the right job done. The musical composition will, therefore, require passion. It is fun all the way if you are passionate about it.

What is Musical Composition?


The musical composition is a process of making a piece of music. For the piece to come to be, you have to combine the parts and other elements of music. When you are creating musical composition you are actually putting together various elements of music together. Through this, you get to have something new and more so something unique.


The main question is, how do you learn how to compose a music? When you are starting up, don’t place a lot of burden to yourself. As composers, you do not have to create masterpieces. You are actually piecing together a master.


To learn how to compose a musical piece we will use the famous Greek methodology to give you better insight. It is known as the trivium. This shows three different phrases through learning.


The musical grammar, Logic of the music and The rhetoric ability of the music.

The grammar of the music is when you get to have a deeper understanding of the fundamentals. The most basic thing is when you get to learn the language. You will as well have the ability to read and understand the music notations.


To learn these, you can get access to so many resources. You don’t have to enroll in a music college. A quick google search will get you going. This will give you a great understanding of the scales, triads and even the seventh chords that you will come across through music. They are your building block. They will even determine how strong your musical strength will be able to stand.


The logic of the music is the next thing you need to be a great composer. This is your ability to create logical arguments. It is something you will never be taught in class at any time. It is the art of combining the basics of triad, notations, scales and other fundamentals. You, therefore, get to achieve this through the online videos. You can as well download or simply learn through google the contents dealing with this. We always have an expectation of hearing various guidelines running through any music.


Logic will come in where you are able to understand these expectations operations.

The rhetoric of the music is the last thing in the methodology. It is the part where you get to persuade people to your musical viewpoint. Any music is good depending on the people that get to listen to it. When you have no one concerned about it you need to question your music.


Before you start of setting your own limits that need to be practical. With continuous participation, you are able to become a prolific writer. It all calls for persistence. Read our next article on how to make homemade ice cream from scratch